Mexico City and New York

Identity redesign for an amazing platform that showcases artistic content in all its forms.

This project represented a huge and exciting challenge for us. ACC began in 2012 as one of the world’s most important urban art festivals in Mexico City, then turned its focus to specific international interventions, its Global Series. And in 2015 decided to make a breaking point in ACC’s progress, they are now focused on content production to create a powerful media platform ( Including weekly vlogs, art productions, shortfilms and more.

Our job was to create a brand redesign worth of this important leap in the most innovative way. We crossed our fingers so that their million followers were content with the new brand.

The process and result are summarized in the following video and images.


Branding, Animation





We decided to use code to process type; the result was an amazing sort of responsive lines that worked as our main inspiration.

The line, "one of the most basic of all graphics element. It represents the simplest and purest form of expression (Enrique Lipszyc). A moving point. An element very often seen around the urban world. Looking at endless posibilities to play with lines, we thought it was just the perfect fit for the new logo.


the result

The final logo is now formed by 13 lines representing 13 letters that are part of a code.

13 lines acc

the inspiration

The logo also represents the abstract shape of a city skyline and dripping paint, key elements on ACC´s environment.

dripped paint


We came up with this interactive business cards that show movement when you take them out of their sleve. Each one with a letter A-C-C previously distorted on a scaner. 

Interactive Business Cards
poster ACC
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 3.48.43 PM.png