Houston, Texas

Identity and website design for a medical center that specializes in pain management.

We truly enjoyed working on this project. ACHE Institute combines the most up to date therapies and state of the art interventions with the ancient healing art of acupuncture. 

Our challenge was to find the middle point between having a brand looking too much like a "hospital" or too much like a "spa". We believe to have executed just about right. 

We decided to focus the identity design on the aspect of HEALING instead of ACHING. A pacient should feel relief when in contact with the brand. 

The dandelion was our main inspiration. This flower has come to symbolize hope, happiness and desire. 


Branding, Website



Medical center doctor logo design Dandelion
Navy Copper color pallete
dandelion meaning symbolize logo
Creative Business Cards Cooper Foil
Letterhead design foil
Medical center Door sign
best pain doctors in houston

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